Shielded rooms

H+H offers shielded test boxes, shielded rooms and absorber chambers for radiated disturbances and partial discharge signals.

Thanks to our vertical range of manufacture we are able to offer customer specific solutions. From standard-size door to large-size cabinets we can offer the customers desired solution. Services like shielding attenuation measurements and field homogeneity measurements etc. are also offered.

Brochures of our products and services

Here you will find detailled information and technical data:


We also offer accessories like:
  • Amplifier
  • Software
  • Signal generators
  • Antennas
  • turntables
  • camera systems etc.

Our Services

Second hand equipment, rental service, calibration and measuring service, repair, practical seminars and on-site training.

H+H offers you the wide range of services around our products.